Quickly remove traces of ivy

After cutting back or removing the ivy, do you have these grey stains and remnants of aerial roots on the plaster? These are traces of ivy. Or ivy stains. Call them what you like. But… how do I remove them? What can you read? Wire brushes, expensive miracle products or painting over are supposed to help against ivy stains. I’m sure that’s all true. But there is also a cheap trick for it! Really cheap! Really quick!


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If something burns down, explodes, falls on your feet, collapses and buries you underneath it, you get punched in the face, fall off a ladder, discolour your clothes or break a fingernail: it’s not my fault! I’m not saying: „Do it exactly like this!“, I’m just saying: I did it like this . Everyone has to know for themselves what they are doing. Check the surface for colour fastness on an invisible spot first!

Traces of ivy

The most effective agent is quite simply Domestos.(DanKlorix, hygiene cleaner, whatever).

The application is more of a problem. How do I get it out of the bottle and onto the wall?
No problem either!

Just take an (old) spray head from any cleaner. Bathroom cleaner, for example. These spray heads can easily be screwed onto the Domestos bottle. The bottle should still be quite full, as the usual cleaners usually have shorter bottles.

Now spray the stains generously and leave to work.
Rinse thoroughly.

Aerial roots can also be sprayed twice and then easily removed with a high-pressure cleaner without damaging the plaster. They simply fly away! Without Domestos, this is a rather difficult task.

But beware: Domestos discolours your clothes! Don’t let it get on your clothes! Discolouration will appear within a few seconds!

efeuspuren hauswand vorher
(traces of ivy on the house wall)

(Not only stains, but also plant remains)

efeu wundermittel
(Ivy „miracle cure“: chlorine cleaner with screwed-on „external spray head“)

efeuflecken weg

efeuflecken weg


Cleaning the privacy fence

You can also use this stuff to remove green deposits on wood. Well, there will be traces of the cleaner, which is not so nice. But the coating is gone. 🙂

grünbelag holz
(Green film on wood)

grünbelag entfernt
(coating removed)

Wonderful! The freshly paved front garden looks acceptable again and now I can finally paint the privacy fence!

Cleaning the light well

Cleaning the light well in the cellar? Do you need loads of Zewa to do it? Do you even want to use a water hose?
Why make yourself tired?

Screw the spray head onto a standard 1.5 litre PET water bottle, fill with water and the light well can be cleaned of cleaning agent and dirt residues. Spray generously. This all flows away through the drainage of the shaft. Clean dry, done.

Replacement for a water spray bottle

As mentioned above, you probably have a water spray bottle. For ironing, for plants or whatever else you need such a bottle for. You can buy one in any budget store for just a few euros.

Larger areas dirty?

Well then… 5 litre canister of Domestos and a pressure sprayer. You can even get a garage wall clean again quickly. 🙂

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