Charging an electric car in an emergency

The principle of hope works neither with combustion engines nor with electric cars. With both, if you set off with too little range left, you end up with a walk in the park. You can get a stinker moving again with a petrol canister, but what do I do with an electric vehicle?


All about the Renault Twizy

Is a Twizy a car? Is a Twizy a substitute for a car? Do I get a state subsidy? Questions upon questions! Here are answers upon answers.


All about the Renault Espace

Why an Espace of all things? Or more precisely: why an Espace J63 of all things? A little advice on buying so that an adventure doesn’t turn into a terrible nightmare. First of all, I would like to briefly explain why, among the many offers of used vans (there are hardly any new ones left), it should be one from Renault. And why on earth should it be such an old Renault? Old Renaults don’t necessarily have a reputation for being particularly reliable.


Cheap trick: renew the headliner


The sky is falling on your head? Use contact adhesive rather than a helmet. In the past, skies were stretched. That was time-consuming and a job for a saddler. Then some thrifty guy came up with the idea of making the headliner out of pressboard and just gluing fabric on it. Later, some accountant came … Weiterlesen

Android Car Radio Update Precedure

pumpkin autoradio update

You want to install an update for Android car radio? No idea how to do that? Here I help you to understand the background! MTCB, MCU, HuiFei, Image and Pure Android are bohemian villages for you? But you still want to update your car radio? Great! Then you’ve come to the right place! CAUTION This … Weiterlesen