Workbench bought for EUR 15 from Action

When converting the KBZ into a TBZ, I realised that I needed more trestles. A wobbly wooden folding stand costs just under EUR 10 at Toom. Two metal folding trestles, the better choice, cost just under 40 EUR. So one costs 20 EUR. Action beats that hands down.


Drainage channel strainer quickly designed and printed out

Filter Ablaufrinne

We needed a filter for the drainage channel in front of the garage (from the 1960s). The old filter was completely rusted through and the drain was blocked.


Aliexpress: Enter address (Update 2024)

The other day I wanted to change my address on Aliexpress. But my city had suddenly disappeared! However, there is a trick ..


Quickly remove traces of ivy

efeu hauswand vorher

After cutting back or removing the ivy, do you have these grey stains and remnants of aerial roots on the plaster? These are traces of ivy. Or ivy stains. Call them what you like. But… how do I remove them? What can you read? Wire brushes, expensive miracle products or painting over are supposed to help against ivy stains. I’m sure that’s all true. But there is also a cheap trick for it! Really cheap! Really quick!


Charging an electric car in an emergency

The principle of hope works neither with combustion engines nor with electric cars. With both, if you set off with too little range left, you end up with a walk in the park. You can get a stinker moving again with a petrol canister, but what do I do with an electric vehicle?


Dishwasher cleaner for emergencies

Another cheap trick: What to do when you’ve run out of dishwasher tablets? Use washing-up liquid? Absolutely not!