Decline of an Arcade

arcade gelände

Lesedauer 8 Minuten Who would have thought that in our time another arcade could go down spectacularly? That irretrievable cultural assets would be destroyed? Partly destroyed wantonly? A report on a rescue attempt that was doomed to failure from the start. I’m sorry if my usual sarcasm and irony completely fall by the wayside here. I am still … Weiterlesen

Make electricity meters smart for 25 euros

Lesedauer 8 Minuten

To read our electricity meter, it doesn’t take much. Above all, it does not need expensive equipment. Who wants to buy „professional“ adapters for the electric meter, gets easily a hysterical laughing fit, because they call up full three-digit buzzers. I cannot financially represent this in front of myself, so a DIY solution comes to use. But is it any good?


Phoebetria BitFenix Recon Fan Control

Lesedauer < 1 Minute

How do you install the ancient Phoebetria software that controls the BitFenix Recon fan controller under a current Ubuntu? This fan controller is still pretty unrivaled even today. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not been interested in its product since shortly after its launch.


TEFI token – what’s behind it?

Lesedauer 13 Minuten [GUEST CONTRIBUTION] First: I don’t think much of cryptocurrencies. There are more than enough reasons for that, starting with energy consumption. To be honest, I also don’t believe in speculation of any kind. I have a deep-seated aversion to all actions in which people try to create money out of nothing. I didn’t know TeDeFi … Weiterlesen

China Scammers

Lesedauer 8 Minuten

Actually, there is no problem when ordering goods from China. As a rule, these companies are very interested in satisfied customers and offer a good service such as splitting the orders so that they remain under the customs limit one by one, or promptly refund the purchase price in case of loss during shipping.


Make water meter smart for 20 euros

Lesedauer 7 Minuten

I would like to monitor our water consumption, also to be warned in time enough in case of leakage. But… our water meter is stupid! It doesn’t even have a magnet for a reed relay or a holder for a light barrier.

You can buy smart water meters for hundreds of Euros and have the official water meter installed in the back for hundreds of Euros again. Fortunately, there are resourceful tinkerers and geniuses interested in the common good (from my point of view) who have coded something together. So let’s make the water meter smart.


Android Car Radio Update Precedure

pumpkin autoradio update

Lesedauer 10 Minuten You want to install an update for Android car radio? No idea how to do that? Here I help you to understand the background! MTCB, MCU, HuiFei, Image and Pure Android are bohemian villages for you? But you still want to update your car radio? Great! Then you’ve come to the right place! CAUTION This … Weiterlesen