Dishwasher cleaner for emergencies

Another cheap trick: What to do when you’ve run out of dishwasher tablets? Use washing-up liquid? Absolutely not!

No matter how many packets of dishwasher detergent I buy in stock, one day they’re magically used up. If, like us, you like to tip washing-up liquid into the machine, you certainly won’t do it again after wiping up the foam party from the kitchen floor.

You keep reading that you can use the following things as a substitute for dishwasher tabs:

  • Baking soda
  • Soda

Do you have that in the house?
Correct, we don’t either.

What else do you have in the house?

  • „Hygiene cleaner“. It is legitimate to use Domestos (pure, not the stuff that foams!). Simply pour it into the dishwasher after starting the first wash programme. It makes everything squeaky clean and doesn’t foam, but the dishes smell more like a public swimming pool afterwards. Not everyone likes it.
  • Citric acid. Yes, it works, but who squeezes lemons, pours their expensive lemon juice from the bottle or a full load of one of those plastic lemons into the machine?
  • Vinegar. Yeah, no, sorry. I don’t know about you, but it’s one thing to descale a coffee machine or kettle, but quite another to have a dishwasher running for two hours, emitting a vinegar smell in the kitchen.

Well, what now? Think about what else you have in the house!

That’s right!

  • Detergent (powder, pods or liquid detergent)

Simply pour into the flap like dishwasher detergent powder. I wouldn’t do this more than three or four times, but it really works best for emergencies. What? Yes, I wouldn’t have thought so either, but the dishes are spotlessly clean afterwards. And it smells good.

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