Drainage channel strainer quickly designed and printed out

We needed a filter for the drainage channel in front of the garage (from the 1960s). The old filter was completely rusted through and the drain was blocked.

I have roughly designed a replacement. Maybe it will help some of you who are looking for such a filter. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it is better than no filter, as we have found.

Quick design

I don’t want you to die stupid, so I’ll explain to you with pictures how you can create this filter yourself in ten minutes, even as a beginner. Especially for your own drainage.


  1. Create a cylinder smaller than the diameter of the drain.
  2. Bevel the edges using the HV function.
  3. Create a cone in the diameter of the upper support of the drain, estimate the angle (height of the cone). Centre the objects.
  4. Copy the object and insert it again as a hollow body. Take the required wall thickness *2 and reduce the object by this amount.
  5. Subtract the desired wall thickness from the height.
  6. Centre and group objects.
  7. Create cuboid in the desired size of the outlets and duplicate.
  8. Rotate by 90 degrees, centre, group and duplicate again.
  9. Rotate copy by 45 degrees, centre, group and duplicate again.
  10. Rotate the copy by 22.5 degrees, centre and group with the housing.
  11. Do the same in the base.
  12. Fill the hole in the middle with a flat cylinder, centre and duplicate.
  13. Create another drain in the base with hollow blocks.
  14. Close the hole in the middle with a cone, centre and group.
  15. Export the STL of the finished housing and print from PETG without support.

The cone in the centre prevents leaves from clogging the drain as mush.


Strainer for drain channel (80 mm)

Print from PETG, ASA or similar weather-resistant filaments, no support required.

Filter drain channel
Filter Ablaufrinne
Filter drain channel

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