Holder for USB sticks and adapters

A customisable holder for USB sticks and USB adapters. It can be placed on the desk, set up with feet or attached to the wall. Wall fixings for screws and nails are included.


The sticks, adapters or cables can be inserted diagonally or horizontally, and upright, depending on the module selected.


If a USB adapter or USB stick is too wide, it can be inserted at an angle of 90 degrees to the others.


You could also use it to organise your USB cables by simply putting a strip together and hanging it on the wall.


You could, for example, print retro arcade figures such as Mario, PacMan or Space Invaders.

There are no limits to your imagination, similar to putting something together from Lego bricks.


Please note that filaments can be printed with different dimensions on the same printer. If the parts are too loose or too tight, simply use a different filament. In my experience, it depends not only on the manufacturer, but even on the colour of otherwise identical filaments.

Printed in PLA with 0.2 mm resolution.


As always, you can download the print files from Thingiverse. Have fun!


Of course you don’t have to print it as colourful as in the pictures. I only printed it on different printers to save time.

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