Test des Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus

Lesedauer 22 Minuten

Der Artillery X3 Plus ist der Nachfolger des bekannten und beliebten Sidewinder X2. Er ist selbstverständlich schneller und besser ausgestattet, als der X2. Was kann der neue 3D-Drucker aber wirklich?


Test of the Artillery Sidewinder X3 Plus

Lesedauer 24 Minuten

The Artillery X3 Plus is the successor to the well-known and popular Sidewinder X2. It is of course faster and better equipped than the X2. But what can the new 3D printer really do?


Sidewinder X3 Plus: Adjusting the print head

Lesedauer 2 Minuten

It’s not just my printer that has a crooked print head, as I was able to see from pictures in forums. Artillery does not currently have this problem on its screen, because the instructions or the assembly at the factory have not yet been adjusted accordingly. But this really isn’t a problem. It can be fixed quickly and easily.