Ender-3 V3 KE: Installing the webcam mount

I still owed you the arm for the webcam after I explained how to connect any webcam to the Creality Ender3 V3 KE. My solution doesn’t require any tinkering. No screws, no glue. Just print it out and clip it on. Done.


This is a modular, tool-free, plug-in arm for a webcam for the Creality Ender3 V3 KE and printers with the identical Z-axis. It is based on the arm I designed for the Artillery X4 Plus.

No screws or glue are required. The holder is clamped to the right-hand Z-axis cover and then holds securely. All you have to do is insert the small triangle of the holder at the back of the 3D printer cover into the matching recess and then fold the holder over to the left until it clicks into place. This must be done without the use of force.

The webcam mount is intended for a Logitech C270, but with the adapter, almost any other camera should be able to be mounted without tools.

Does not fit?

If your webcam does not fit on this mount, please let me know the dimensions and I can modify the mount.


Print parameters

0.2 mm, PETG or PLA

Please do not use the experimental fuzzy mode, which makes the layers disappear. Otherwise, you will have to sand down the tenons a little. Don’t make the same mistake I did. 🙂



A timelapse test video is here:


As always on Thingiverse: Modular webcam arm for clipping on Ender3 V3 KE

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