Strollers (Political Disenchantment 2.0)

I am still politically disenchanted((„Why I am politically disenchanted“, Michael Heßburg, 11/28/2017)). I don’t like what Scholz is currently doing, or rather not doing with the arms deliveries((„Ukraine officially asks German government for weapons“, AFP, 02/04/2022, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)). In general, this is very reminiscent of Chamberlain’s policy((Appeasement policy, Wikipedia)). Limits should have been set when Crimea was annexed((Annexation of Crimea, Wikipedia)) Should have set limits. People like Putin only understand the language they speak themselves. And then there are the walkers ..

Note on translation.
I have translated this text so that perhaps one or two people outside Germany will read it and realize that these „lateral thinkers“ are a very small minority. Nazis are not fashionable in Germany!
I’m sorry, but I didn’t want to rewrite this as long as partly sarcastically written text again in English, so I had it translated with DeepL.
I cannot guarantee that the translation is always correct. Example: „Deutschtümelei“ was translated by DeepL as „Germantümelei“, but the Language Tool doesn’t seem to find anything wrong with this word either.
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Political disenchantment 2.0

Fritz Merz, who sounds from a different, long-gone reality, is captivating in that he is rabble-rousing a world view from the 1950s((„Friedrich Merz’s language provides insights into his world view – and it is one of yesterday“, Christian Rickens, 01/17/2021, Handelsblatt)) into the world.

Die Grünen will again be able to implement exactly nothing for the environment, while the gobbledygookers will pounce on gender language that no one is asking to be adopted by the general public. But for drooling right-wing rage citizens, pretty much every Green politician offers a prime projection surface. The lower the intelligence quotient, the more violent their fantasies.

Ah … you see? I just used the generic masculine of “politician”! Is this website now being censored by the FBI? Or is the BND watching me now? Even the NSA((“Ubiquitous surveillance”, Michael Heßburg, 11/16/2021))? If the last sentence gives you a slight headache, then stay tuned, I have listed even better conspiracy theories below, which were shared with me in confidence.

But should we hate our elected(!) politicians because of their beliefs and mistakes((„More hate and violence against politicians“, Fabian Mader, 04/27/2021, Report München, Bayerischer Rundfunk))? Accuse them of dishonest intentions? Okay, Klöckner((„Does Julia Klöckner have to make her lobby contacts public?“ Bernhard Junginger, 02/03/2021, Augsburger Allgemeine)), Scheuer((„Andi Scheuer’s latest scandal“, Markus Reuter, 12/07/2021,, Spahn((„Protect yourself and me. Lg Jens“, Markus Grill, 11/04/2021, Tagesschau)) or Laschet((„Millions deal with Corona masks – Armin Laschet rejects new accusations of the opposition“, Delia Friess, 12/04/2020, Frankfurter Rundschau)) and some others((Keyword archives: CDU/CSU, Lobbycontrol)) indeed pursued dishonest and self-serving intentions. But that is no reason to call for violence in telegram groups & Co against these people whom we elected ourselves and who are only a reflection of our capitalist society (please do not draw any reverse conclusions about my supposed convictions from this, thank you).

Professional tip: If you believe that they were not elected because you did not vote for them, then please seek psychotherapeutic treatment because the mass of our fellow citizens did vote for them and would vote their parties (CDU/CSU) – and thus these people – back into political office according to current polls – even if indirectly.

But wait! Die Grünen wanted to do something for climate policy, after all! Amazing, amazing! So now Baerbock has brought Greenpeace leader Morgan into the Foreign Office((„“Don’t know anyone worldwide with her expertise“ – Baerbock introduces Greenpeace leader“, tba/sebe with dpa, 02/09/2022, Welt)) for international climate policy – the CDU speaks of lobbyism((„Greenpeace leader into AA: Union speaks of „lobbyist“ – Baerbock of „dream appointment““, df/afp, 02/10/2022, Frankfurter Rundschau)). You read it – and don’t understand it at first.

The CSU – in the person of Secretary General Markus Blume – made the point on Twitter that the CSU does not fill offices according to ability.

  • Greenpeace (Jennifer Morgan) in the Foreign Office for international climate policy is a scandal,
    Attac (Sven Giegold) in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection is a scandal

The horror of the „Christian“-„social“ would be consequently:

  • An anti-fascist in the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Home Affairs.
  • A representative of Foodwatch in the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

However, normal thinking people actually consider this “horror” to be an excellent idea.

So, the CDU/CSU, which is synonymous with lobbying, cannot cope with someone being appointed to an office, or being offered an executive position in free enterprise, who is qualified for it.

Translated with (free version)

Qualified! Where are we getting to! It’s not primarily about money? Unbelievable! Naturally, this makes all the toenails of the “Christian” democrats roll up. This goes far beyond their horizons. Money doesn’t stink, and an outgoing politician is, after all, an asset to the company. Like, in particular, the tough-talking((„Bilfinger boss Koch wants to crack down on corruption“, 11/29/2012, dpa, Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung)) Roland Koch at Bilfinger. Or?((„Bilfinger receives 16.75 million euros from ex-board members around Roland Koch“, dpa, 03/13/2020, Handelsblatt))


The other day I stood with a couple of Antifa kiddies at the picket in our town. With the workers‘ fist on banners and all. Not my style. You don’t reach anyone from the centre with that. Today, it should be a raised employee’s hand holding a computer mouse. The 1850s have been over for a while, haven’t they?

The demo had simply been registered in the town hall square, so we had to enforce the distance and mask requirement. We did that on purpose, a walker complained. My answer was simply: „Yes.“ The walkers, who have problems wearing masks, were thus unable to enter their meeting place. I had subsequently had long, confused conversations with people who “argued” in a stilted and pseudo-scientific manner. We vaccinated and boostered sleep sheep are all going to die in the next few months. For sure! That’s what a paediatric nurse and a chemistry lab assistant, among others, told me. *sic*

Image by Masakazu Kobayashi from Pixabay

Egocentrics, not Nazis

Irrationality, paranoia, and conspiracy myths determine the world view of these “walking” egocentrics((„Responsibility instead of egoism: headwind for “walkers” in Langen“, no author named, 02/01/2022, Offenbacher Post Online)). They are afraid of everything and everyone. But Nazis? There are no Nazis there, of course. They don’t wear bald heads, bomber jackets and Springer boots, so they’re not Nazis. This fits perfectly into their unreflective, highly simplified world view. They don’t even realize that they have long since internalized right-wing ideas, as we will see in a moment. The others (i.e. not they as individuals, or they as a group with the same fears) are to blame.

Compulsory vaccination!

Blame for what? The misery of having to wear a mask. „And compulsory vaccination! It’s already compulsory!“ So… as good as! It’s just a formality! „The NWO((„New World Order (conspiracy theory)“, Wikipedia)) has decided that for us! Austria! They’re loosening the contact restrictions in Austria! Things are great there! Yeah, everything’s great there!“ And you’re like, „Are you stupid, girl? Austria has decided on compulsory vaccination((„Impfpflicht“,, Germany hasn’t!“. But you can’t give them facts, facts only confuse them. They have their own “facts” that do not come „from the media“. Yes, they don’t know what media((„mass media„, Wikipedia)) are either. They mean the “legacy media”. So … all the media that Ken Jebsen((„Ken Jebsen“, Wikipedia)), Bhakdi((“Unscientific nonsense”, Patrick Gensing, 01/04/2022, Tagesschau)) & Co((„So often the conspiracy ideologists are wrong“, Sebastian Leber, 07/31/2021, Tagesspiegel)) do not prepare an unreflective public.

Image by Richard Duijnstee from Pixabay


Acknowledged experts (virologists, epidemiologists, actors and directors) like Bruch, Liefers, Möhring and all the other conifers … er … corypheres of #allesdichtmachen((„make everything leakproof“, Wikipedia)) (Haha! How funny! Sarcasm!) confirm the opinion of the Schwurbler (swurblers). Above all Liefers, who should know, as a forensic pathologist!:-D Yes, I loved the Münster Tatort and also Babylon Berlin. Excuse me? Right, past tense, because I refuse to watch those series since then. Yes, the normal thinking actors and the entire crew behind them can’t help the media-effective mental lapses of these actors. I don’t care, if I have to see one of these actors, I get an instant bad mood.

Censorship in new territory!

„The internet is being censored! Germany censors Facebook and YouTube! All websites on the internet are censored! Only Google is neutral!“ No shit! I had to listen to that! I tried to explain to them that Facebook is a private company and that I’ve already been banned there for 24 hours in political discussions with swindlers, most recently because I turned their slogans around and called someone a „purple-middle-insured-guard-sheep„. The non-right-wingers (who constantly called me a leftist, which I am absolutely not) were wide-eyed.

Prejudices? Not with us!

By the way, my black clothes are proof of your assumption. Yes, I’m sorry, if you were to take a photo of my wardrobe, you’d think Micha had forgotten the colour film, it looks so black and grey in there. It’s always been like that, and will stay that way. I’m not the colourful type, it just doesn’t suit me.

House rules in uncharted territory

The issue of the domiciliary rights of these internet companies was also complicated, as was the fact that Facebook interprets its own vague community standards in such a way((„Verbale Ausschussware“, Sascha Lobo, 04/25/2018, that suits them currently, but basically always with the focus on keeping people in their walled garden((„What is a Walled Garden? And why it is the strategy of Google, Facebook and Amazon Ads platform?“, Pierre de Poulpiquet, 11/03/2017, Because for Zuckerberg, only three things count:

  • Money
  • Money
  • Money

For that, he gladly accepts hate and agitation((„New revelation puts Facebook under pressure“, ntv/mra/AFP, 10/25/2021, But what am I saying? It even promotes hate and agitation by pushing them into users‘ timelines and pushing hate comments to the top.

Image by ijmaki from Pixabay

But there is no malicious intent per se behind it, no! There are simply elementary algorithms behind it, which push polarizing content to the top. Any content that people are upset about, that gets reactions, is well content because it keeps people on the platform. Facebook, the largest „state„((„Will Facebook become its own digital state?“, Anna Schughart/RND, 06/27/2019, in the world, is not a democracy or a dictatorship, it is an algorithm-driven anarchy in which a host of overworked and underpaid unskilled workers have to check postings every second to prevent the worst excesses. There is no time for the subtleties of language in the multi-ethnic state of Facebook with its Babylonian variety of languages. So hate that dispenses with buzzwords remains untouched – and sarcasm is deleted.

Digital education! Now!

That YouTube and Google belong to one company(Alphabet)((„Alphabet Inc.“, Wikipedia)), she couldn’t believe either. The fact that Google has always sorted search hits at their discretion and with the intention of optimising profits((„Lawsuit against Google: Manipulating the advertising market, harming users and attacking privacy“, Karsten Knobloch, 10/25/2021, Caschys Blog, was also entirely new to them. And where did they get the information that websites are censored? Well, from the internet! And why wouldn’t those sites be censored that write about censorship? Yes, logic is a complicated thing! We urgently need more digital education!

Image by GraphicMama-team from Pixabay

Spotify, haven of truth!

Spotify and Rogen’s podcast were also mentioned, of course. Also, bad! Very bad! A bit of racism like that goes with the territory, doesn’t it? Yes, it may be that the walkers among themselves make Jewish, Turkish, and Negro jokes((„Carinthia: Upset over „Negro joke“ from LH Dörfler“, APA, 01/17/2009, Here, too, a professional tip: Boy, you’re not the only one who hears this crap in your quiet chamber, but thousands of others around the world do, too. Among them are minors, to whom it is suggested that these crude ways of thinking are normal. Consequently, most people consider the cancellation of my Spotify account to be excessive. I prefer not to silence this agitator, no. He can continue to dump his manure on Spotify, but he shouldn’t get _my_ money for it. But no, I should continue to finance him, was the opinion of the walkers. Well … they didn’t say that directly because they don’t quite want to grasp the context of the money flows, which in this case are very direct. They said I shouldn’t cancel my account because of this podcast, which in their opinion offers a lot of serious information and facts to think about. Did I mention that we should teach a lot more digital and economic topics in school, and that we absolutely have to promote media literacy? There was once a study((„Loans, insurance, investments: Young people know less and less about money and finance“, Barrbara Gillmann, 06/26/2021, Handelsblatt)) by the unspeakable Schufa, wasn’t it? And I also wrote once about this Newstest((„How serious is the Newstest?“, Michael Heßburg, 11/27/2021)).

Corona is harmless!

But Corona! Corona is like a mild flu! And many people die of the flu every year, too, without a lockdown! No, Corona is not like the Spanish flu (two girls aged long before their time laughed as falsely as hysterically), I would be stupid after all((„How devastating is Corona in historical comparison?“, Nina Weber, 02/03/2022, Spiegel Online))! Yes, back then they had introduced lockdowns immediately after the Spanish flu outbreak and the intensive care units were overcrowded. Wait… there was no lockdown and no intensive care units! There wasn’t even a remotely comparable medical infrastructure! But Corona is just a sniffle, the gushers were quite sure of that!

Simple world view

The fact that I am against compulsory vaccination completely confused the concerned citizens, but did not stop them from wanting to continue discussing it with me. It’s a kind of biting reflex: there’s someone with a mask, he’s against me, he’s for compulsory vaccination, and he’s a sleep sheep anyway (I heard that too).

Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

Perverted tradition

The mass of guard guard-wolves did not want to argue and shuffled on. With lanterns in their hands. Like the children on Saint Martin’s Day? No, it was a rather unholy Saint Martin’s procession, for it was rather reminiscent of a torchlight march, for it lacked any beauty. These people see themselves in the tradition of the Monday demonstrations in the GDR. They equate the obligation to wear a mask in a democratic state with the repression, arbitrariness, and surveillance in a socialist dictatorship! I could only spit! They are mercurial((certificate of mercurialness, and sporadically, I think that real problems would do these people some good. Maybe we should ask Putin to invade Europe after all? Would they wake up then? Probably not. Putin is a good guy who just wants to free us all.

Talking to the AfD

I had to listen to that, too: You should talk to the AfD. Well, Meuthen left the AfD because large parts of the party are not supposed to stand on the ground of our basic democratic order((„Hardly any regret about Meuthen resignation in the state AfD“, no author named, 01/28/2022, Norddeutscher Rundfunk)). Well, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution sees it the same way. Why should one talk to enemies of the constitution and give them more weight than they have? After all, these people are against the preferential treatment of minorities. The right-wingers are also a minority. They were listened to and the demand not to be listened to was given in. So what is the problem?

Who organised the walks?

Difficult to say. At any rate, not this strange, ultra-right „Der III. Weg“, as is always rumoured. They have bluntly listed all the dates of the “walks” on their website((Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution)) (it’s not forbidden) and call for people to attend them (also not forbidden, right?). In fact, I don’t see any problem there because in my view anyone can do what they want. Also, the demand that the organisers of the walk in our town should ask this third way to stop … ahem … advertising on the website is naive and completely pointless. Moreover, there are no organizers who would admit to being organizers of the Torchlight Marches … er … walks. What is actually the difference between the „IIIrd Weg„((„DER DRITTE WEG“, 09/02/2021, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung)) and the AfD((„Alternative für Deutschland“, 09/02/2021, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung))? Put simply: the former are national socialists, the latter are national capitalists. A glance at the party programmes, or rather basic programmes, is enough. But nobody does. For whatever reason.

Are there no Nazis among the walkers?

What? Of course, there are Nazis. They freely admit it1. So … they themselves are not Nazis, God forbid! The mass of people are anti-democratic, longing for a strong hand, a censored internet and controlled media. They are in good company with that because democracy is on the retreat worldwide((„Democracy on the retreat“, no author named, 02/10/2022, Tagesschau)) and is giving way to authoritarian systems((Democracy Index 2020, Wikipedia)) Make room. That is practical because it saves a lot of thinking. Others do it for you. It saves headaches. Too much contradictory information unfortunately overwhelms these people. They can’t process it and seek people who give them very basic answers, even if they are completely constructed and wrong. These very sources of alternative facts are anti-democratic and anti-constitutional. Anyone who spreads their theories without reflection, who “walks” side by side with them, is digging at the foundations of our social order. So yes: anyone who goes for a walk on Mondays is preparing the ground for Nazis.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

In an urgent decision, Karlsruhe has now((„Unannounced Corona demos – Karlsruhe provisionally confirms ban“, Samuel Kirsch, 01/31/2022, backed the municipalities that wanted to ban such „walks“ by general decree. Good thing. But I’m afraid that people from the surrounding villages will still be allowed to meet on Mondays to shuffle around our beautiful city in a somewhat creepy and zombie-like manner. Even on the “neutral” (Lölerchen) Google, you won’t find any information about the so-called walks on the first page. You only get real walking tips there. Meanwhile, there are actually((„National revolutionaries at the South Hessian Monday walk in Bensheim“, 02/07/2022, „Der III. Weg“, apparently official, Twitter)) Nazis through Bensheim, which is only a few towns away. However, anyone who thinks they won’t send emissaries to Seeheim is unworldly. If only to establish networks, to get their ideas gently into the heads of the already anti-state walkers, such a procedure is of course indicated – anything else would be a criminal neglect of unique opportunities. The walkers are infiltrated, which they vehemently deny. Because they simply don’t realize it.

What does the middle of society say?

A lady wanted to walk across the town hall square and asked me what kind of Punch and Judy club we were. I said, „Who? Us or them over there? We’re holding a vigil against the right, they’re going for a walk over there.“ — „Walking? Yeah, sure!„, she puffed contemptuously and waved it off. That was the only normal person I spoke to that evening.

Spaziergänger Spaziergänge

Am I on the left?

Hardly. I was a regular soldier for eight years – which doesn’t necessarily mean anything because back then the Bundeswehr (German Ary) was still a reflection of our society.

I am for

  • a strong, transparent and democratic state
  • a parliamentary democracy
  • transparent politics, as demanded by Lobbycontrol((
  • a European army
  • the strengthening of the EU
  • the creation of an original European digital infrastructure((operating systems, network technology, social platforms, promotion, and facilitation of the establishment of IT start-ups))
  • the strengthening of the police and the Bundeswehr (German Army)
  • The reintroduction of compulsory military service and civilian service
  • the massive and rapid expansion of our education system
  • free access to education
  • better offers for the integration of foreign citizens
  • the abolition of precarious working conditions in academia
  • the nationalization of important infrastructure
  • regulation of the stock markets and the banking industry
  • a non-bureaucratic basic welfare system to maintain social peace
  • public broadcasting and its financing through the household levy
  • a non-discriminatory society in which everyone is allowed to be happy according to his or her own wishes
  • a society in which no one imposes their religion on others or annoys them with it (church bells, muezzin calls, etc.). Anyone who, like us, lived right next to a Catholic Church understands this))
  • the fight against parallel societies
  • the unconditional equality of men and women
  • the public domain of official works and fair use of intellectual property
  • a clear shortening of patent periods
  • for the right to anonymous use of the internet
  • for the enforcement and extension of the freedom of panorama
  • and much more.

I have no problem at all with public letters being written in a gender-neutral form. No one is forced to speak and write that way. Our beautiful German language has been subject to constant change for centuries. We would find it difficult to converse with someone who lived 200 years ago.

My origins

The same applies to the return to the German nation state demanded by the „Identitarians“. That’s stupid Germantümelei. In case you haven’t noticed, it won’t work any more if you want to avoid driving your country economically into the ground because we live in a globalized, networked world in which the isolation of a single state can no longer function economically and socially. It is also completely unclear to me which Germany they are actually talking about? The Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation? That of the Kaiserreich? The Nazis thoroughly destroyed that!

Europe in transition

Since men in particular are better at watching than listening (or reading), here is a short video on national borders in Europe:

So? Constant change! Why should this now be artificially ended? Only a truly united Europe can guarantee our prosperity and security in a rapidly developing world. Isolated states are their plaything. You don’t lose your identity anyway because everyone knows where they come from and what home means((„Heimat“, Wikipedia)). I come from northern Hesse and now live in southern Hesse. Here, older people in the countryside actually still babble. But I noticed that this Fernsehhessich((„Neuhessischer Regiolekt“, Wikipedia)) splits into many clearly distinguishable regional dialects. What people in the Rhine-Main area consider a Hessian dialect is not „Hessian((„Hessian dialects, geographical distribution and division“, Wikipedia))“. There is no common Hessian dialect. Does that mean we are not Hessians?

What is Homeland?

So now I live far away (a few hundred kilometres) from home, in a place whose inhabitants speak a partly violent dialect (which is similarly incomprehensible to Kasselänisch((„Dialect/Kasselänisch“, Regiowiki of the HNA)) and which I can only understand with the utmost concentration. And this in the middle of Hesse, in the middle of Germany, in the middle of the EU, in the middle of Europe, in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, which revolves around an insignificant little star in a branch of the Milky Way.

  • A Frankfurter knows that he is a Frankfurter.
  • A Kassler knows that he is a Kassler.
  • A Darmstädter knows that he is a Darmstädter.
  • A Hessian knows that he is a Hessian.
  • A German knows that he is a German.
  • A European knows that he is a European.

And someone wants to tell me about a German identity that is in danger? Ridiculous! I don’t need such people to know where I come from((„Heßberg (noble family)“, Wikipedia)).

By Johann Siebmacher – excerpted from: Siebmachers Wappenbuch von 1605, Public domain,

My “political” articles

I am against state and private surveillance((“Ubiquitous surveillance”, Michael Heßburg, 11/16/2021)). I am for data protection. However, this has taken on the strangest forms. Using the example of website operators and YouTubers: car registration numbers and IP addresses are personal data? Is that still possible? They are only for a limited period of time. Even advertising, which is designed to be seen by as many people as possible, must now be pixelated in videos? You can really find enough articles on all these digital-political topics on this website on the subjects of security((, category Information Technology, Security)) and politics((, category Information Technology, Politics)). I even wrote about the political background in the explanations of my purchasing power calculator((, Documentation on how the purchasing power calculator works)). Be that as it may: Am I now left-wing? On the right? Am I in the centre (which hardly exists any more in the discussion)? I don’t care. Decide for yourself.

House rules

If any of you confused minds now think you can dump your crazy theories and persecution mania into a comment here: Comments are moderated on this website for first-time users. It is not censorship, but my right not to approve comments. Your freedom of opinion is completely unaffected by this because you do not have the right for me to provide a platform for your opinion and thereby spread it further. However, if you want to discuss factually and without text modules, alternative facts and dubious sources, you are cordially invited to do so.

  1. „Corona demo “walker” causes horror with statement on Nazis“, Jan Voss, 02/01/2022, Express []

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