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Actual­ly, the­re is no pro­blem when orde­ring goods from Chi­na. As a rule, the­se com­pa­nies are very inte­res­ted in satis­fied cus­to­mers and offer a good ser­vice such as split­ting the orders so that they remain under the cus­toms limit one by one, or prompt­ly refund the purcha­se pri­ce in case of loss during shipping.

What’s hap­pen­ed?

Now it’s hap­pen­ed to me too. Scam­mers got me! My wife was total­ly thril­led by a DeLo­re­an from Back to the Future 2 that was shown to her on Face­book. Well, her bir­th­day was com­ing up…

So for $75, I orde­red the hovering, ligh­ted DeLo­re­an from Back to the Future 2. Pay­ment via PayPal.

The deli­very was a cheap model from Back to the Future 1 by Wel­ly, which I can buy in any toy store in Ger­ma­ny for a maxi­mum of 20 Euro.

They also sim­ply put the goods into a „Chi­na bag”, so that the pack­a­ging can­not be given away any­mo­re and the passenger’s wing mir­ror is broken.

Save the “self-bla­me” comments becau­se I have alrea­dy orde­red several things in Chi­na and the­re was never any rea­son to com­p­lain. The pri­ce was now also not sus­pi­cious­ly cheap for an import from Chi­na. I don’t expect a 20 Dol­lar model for 75 Dol­lar — you can expect one with two, three LEDs and four magnets, right?


In Ger­ma­ny, that would be cal­led “fraud”, in Chi­na pro­bab­ly not. „The­se are only examp­le pic­tures”, they would argue. If I order an Mer­ce­des S‑Class for 75,000 dol­lars and then get a Volks­wa­gen Polo, I don’t think it’s anything apart from a con job.


So, I wro­te to their ser­vice via PayPal:

Dear Sirs,

instead of the illuminated and floating De Lorean I ordered, you delivered 
me a cheap model without illumination and floating function from Welly, 
where even a wing mirror broke off.

I expect an immediate refund and a return receipt for the cheap toy.

Thanks in advance
With kind regards

I recei­ved the fol­lowing answer:

Dear customer,

Thanks for your support and concern on our store.

We feel so sorry for that inconvenience caused to you. Could you please 
kindly do us a favor to provide some pictures about the product you 
received and the shipping label on the package? We will reflect the problem 
to our warehouse to see if we have a solution for it. Please don't worry, 
we will try our best to help you solve the problems. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a nice day.

Best regards!

CS Sun

So, I sent them the desi­red (and some more) pictures:

Bildschirmfoto 2020 06 23 um 11.49.01 Kopie

I loo­ked at it spe­cial­ly: „Fly­ing Ver­si­on”. The deli­very was the dri­ving DeLo­re­an, which should cost 58 Euro. Still a bamboozle!

FireShot Capture 005 Back to the Future II DeLorean Time Machine wolike scaled 1
Screen­shot of their website


IMG 20200623 231609 1 1
The “pack­a­ging”

IMG 20200623 104310 1
The ori­gi­nal, dama­ged packaging

IMG 20200623 104332 1
The bro­ken wing mirror

IMG 20200623 104336 1
The model from the first part of Back to the Future.


The ans­wer again took over 24 hours and was extre­me­ly cheeky:

Dear customer,

Thanks for your support and concern on our store.

We are very sorry to hear that the goods you received cannot meet your 
satisfaction. As this product is our hot product and we received good 
feedback from many customers. In this case, we would like to issue a 5% 
refund of the product to you to satisfy you and you could keep the item. 
If you really don't want to keep it, you could send it to your friends or 
family as a gift or sell it to someone who like it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day.
Best regards!
CS Fahrizal

I’m stu­pid becau­se that item’s a big sel­ler with them. They offer me a five per­cent dis­count, and  tell me to give it away. Not­hing about:

Returns>> Full refund within 30 days without reason,Please rest assured to 

I have app­lied for buy­er pro­tec­tion at PayPal becau­se the­re is only one thing: Fraud:

Dear Sirs,

i ordered from an illuminated, floating model of the DeLorean 
from "Back to the Future II" for 75 dollars.

The price doesn't seem suspiciously cheap to me, because I think that for 
75 Euro you can expect a model with two or three LEDs and four or five 
magnets as an export to China. I may not expect the high level of detail, 
but the model should hover and shine.

I got a cheap model from the company Welly, from the first (not the second 
part, so driving, not floating) which has a value of about 20 Euro.

The price comparison:

Due to the defective packaging, the right side mirror was broken and the 
original packaging was so damaged that I can no longer use it as a gift. 
Not to mention collector's aspects.

The outer packaging was a plastic bag:

The original packaging is damaged:

The exterior mirror is therefore broken off:

A completely different model was delivered than promised:

By sending a completely different model worth about $20, damaging the 
delivered model and the original packaging, I consider a partial refund 
of $65 more than reasonable.

All in all I have to suspect fraud.

Please protect your customers from this seller and block him.
Please get me back at least the partial amount of 65 dollars.

UPDATE July 03, 2020:

Today I got an email from PayPal:

keidson has agreed to make a full refund via 
75.90 USD if you want to send the item(s) for this transaction 

(Blah, blah, purchase details)

What do you have to do?

To receive a refund, you must return the goods and 
the tracking data on the page "Conflict Resolution" before 13 July 2020 
upload. It is best to keep a copy of the shipping label on which 
the address of the recipient can be seen. We may ask you to, 
to make this document available later.

The article must be sent to the following delivery address:


First floor, Building A, Changben Tech Park, No. 13, Songzi Road, 
Gaoying Village, Dalang City

Dongguan, Guangdong 523771


Mobile: 18802644247

The returned goods must be in the same condition as upon receipt and 
You bear all costs for the return shipment. If you send abroad, 
mark the package with "Retour-Ware" to avoid fees.

Save the shipping costs for authorized purchases for 
Returns with free returns from PayPal.

More information about free returns

What happens next?

Once we have confirmed that keidson has received the item(s) 
we will suspend the repayment and close this case.

It may take up to five days for the refund to appear in your account 
is displayed. If you paid with a credit card, the money
credited to your card. Depending on the card provider it can take up to 30 days 
take until the refund appears on your card statement.

If you do not reply by 13 July 2020 inclusive, the case will be 
automatically closed.

Thank you very much for your trust.

Rare­ly laug­hed so much!
So I should pay 50 Euro ship­ping cos­ts to Chi­na to get 75,90 Euro (may­be) back?
That’s not how it works, friends!

But what is that?

PayPal does not have the pos­si­bi­li­ty to object? If I don’t accept the bra­zen „offer”, the buy­er pro­tec­tion expi­res? Evil to him who evil thinks!

Actual­ly, the­re are no con­ta­ct pos­si­bi­li­ties at the moment. Becau­se of Coro­na the tele­pho­ne sup­port has been stop­ped. The­re is only the chat­bot, which sup­po­sed­ly for­wards a mes­sa­ge, but you don’t get any feed­back about it, like a con­fir­ma­ti­on of rece­i­pt, etc.

Not with me!

I wro­te the fol­lowing mail to impressum@​paypal.​de (who­se rece­i­pt was of cour­se also not confirmed):

Dear Sir or Madam,

because you give the buyer the final say and I have to accept 
his proposal, I hereby inform you that I withdraw my concession in this 
matter and insist on full repayment of the purchase price

Your client "Keidson" knowingly committed fraud and now hopes 
I shy the shipping costs to China in the amount of about 50 Euro. This is 
correct, because it is uneconomical. This is part of the business model 
of this company, as I have already received feedback on one of my articles.
In the meantime, you too should have received some applications are on 
buyer protection, right?

I'm asking you to prevent fraud, including your other private clients, and
refund my money in full. Please note that you promise "buyer 
protection" and not "seller protection".

Should you decide this case on behalf of the seller, I will inform
my legal protection insurance. My contract comes from the 
early 1990s, has never been updated and therefore closes a takeover 
of litigation costs in Internet commerce has not yet been eliminated.

I expect your answer by 10.07.2020, otherwise I will hand over it to 
my lawyer and inform I'm sure they'll be happy to report 
about that.

With kind regards

What do I expect from this?
Not­hing, real­ly. This will go its inten­ded way with PayPal and on the 13th the case will be clo­sed automatically.

But I’m going through with my old insuran­ce poli­cy and the c’t. I will not be foo­led by a frauds­ter from Chi­na or by a US com­pa­ny from a Euro­pean tax haven that pro­mo­tes buy­er pro­tec­tion and prac­ti­ces de fac­to sel­ler pro­tec­tion by giving the mer­chant the last word.


UPDATE July 11, 2020:

I have alrea­dy recei­ved feed­back on the case from several cor­ners (inclu­ding inter­na­tio­nal). I am not the only one to whom this hap­pen­ed. Others, howe­ver, got a refund direct­ly from PayPal when they repor­ted that the sel­ler sent wrong and much che­a­per items. May­be only PayPal in Ger­ma­ny is as pet­ty as in my case?

PayPal con­ta­c­ted me and told me that the­re is a che­a­per way to send the goods back to Chi­na: an insu­red, trace­ab­le packa­ge via DHL. And they would also cover the costs.

The mes­sa­ge from PayPal:

Of course we don't support fraud. However, fraud offences may only be
be investigated by the appropriate investigating authorities, in which 
the goods must be sent back, otherwise we cannot refund the amount 

If the package has a weight under 2kg, then you can get a cheap
Use DHL online franking.

You can book an additional service with DHL so that you can 
Receive tracking number. The additional option is 
Higher insurance up to 50 EUR and shipment tracking.

The shipping costs are, depending on the size of the package, between 
12,89 EUR 
and EUR 19,89.

Okay, that’s rea­son­ab­ly, but I’m taking a chan­ce that Keid­son did­n’t report the recep­ti­on. Well, the packa­ge is traceable…

The only pro­blem is that while DHL requests the ship­ping label online, all Hàn­zì cha­rac­ters are dis­play­ed cor­rect­ly, but they are repla­ced on the label by the usu­al squa­res as place­hol­ders. So I copied the reci­pi­ent from the PayPal messages exact­ly as Keid­son ent­e­red him the­re, and stuck it twice more on the packa­ge so that the Chi­ne­se post office, espe­cial­ly the local par­cel car­ri­er, can read the address in Mandarin.

IMG 20200711 114013 1
Packa­ge with cus­toms declaration

IMG 20200711 125819
Depo­sit docu­ment with tracking number

IMG 20200711 112900
The car in bub­ble wrap

IMG 20200711 112927
Uphols­te­red at the bot­tom, uphols­te­red at the sides

IMG 20200711 112959
Uphols­te­red at the top

The who­le packa­ge glued with fab­ric tape. Have fun ope­ning it, scumbags!

Links for you becau­se PayPal makes it not easy to find them:
Right to your conflicts:

The­re I (in my case) was asked to enter the tracking data.
So, I sent the tracking num­ber to PayPal and as a remark, I also sent the tracking link and the abo­ve-men­tio­ned pic­tures of the packa­ge, so Keid­son can’t cry about the item being dama­ged. We remem­ber: They sent the car in a plastic bag!

So, how will this end? Of cour­se I hope that Keid­son (Wolike/​Woolikee?) has rip­ped off so many cus­to­mers that they don’t care, and I get a refund without any problems.

Well, that’s wish­ful thin­king. They’ll say they never got the packa­ge or refu­se to accept it. Fur­ther­mo­re, It is pos­si­ble that they have given a wrong address and the packa­ge will be returned.

May­be they will also say that the goods are dama­ged (oh what?) and I would then have to claim DHL ship­ping insuran­ce. Then I might get at least 50 Euros back in a few months.

So, you can actual­ly acti­va­te the PayPal return ship­ping refund in a cur­rent case afterwards.


You get the refund this way:
– Activities
– Click the down arrow in the transaction
– Click on refund return costs

PayPalScreenshot 3
Select transaction

FireShot Capture 011 Antrag stellen
For­mu­la refund of return costs

Bildschirmfoto 2020 07 11 um 14.57.46 2
Screen­shot from the email from DHL

PayPal would like to recei­ve a rece­i­pt showing the ship­ping cos­ts and a pho­to of the ship­ping label. Both must be uploaded.

I will keep you up to date!

UPDATE July 27, 2020

Keid­son recei­ved the packa­ge. I’ve infor­med PayPal about it.
Bildschirmfoto 2020 07 27 um 22.40.40

UPDATE July 29, 2020

The case is inde­ed clo­sed. Against all my expec­ta­ti­ons with a hap­py ending for me.
I have my money back — but of cour­se neit­her my ner­ves nor my time.

Kaufpreiserstattung 2020 07 28 um 15.11.03
The case is closed.

Kaufpreiserstattung Vormerkung
The reser­va­ti­on of the repayment.

Email Erstattung Rücksendekosten scaled 1
I had to app­ly twice (!) for the reim­bur­se­ment of the return cos­ts. I guess this will only work after the return ship­ment has arri­ved at the seller.

As a litt­le deli­cacy, which pro­ves that sen­ding cheap goods ins­tead of the adver­ti­sed arti­cles is real­ly a scam of this company:

Mail Proof Masche falscher Artikel
I got this e‑mail mista­ken­ly, too. Some­bo­dy must have orde­red a wall scan­ner from them and got some­thing else (the pic­tu­re was not inclu­ded) delivered.
Well, now the case is clo­sed, but it is a warning to you not to order anything from dubio­us com­pa­nies in Chi­na. Well, from 01.01.2021 the tax-free limit of 22 Euro will be abolis­hed any­way, so I will only order from ship­pers with wareh­ouses in Europe.


Some hash­tags:
#keid­son #babym­love #buyea­sy­ser­vice #woli­ke #woli­kee

Be awa­re of:
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