Bit Cor­po­ra­ti­on Bit90

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Lese­dau­er 10 Minu­ten The (too) late com­pe­ti­tor The Bit Cor­po­ra­ti­on Bit90 has the dis­fa­vour of late birth. When it was laun­ched in 1984 by the Tai­wa­ne­se com­pa­ny Bit Cor­po­ra­ti­on, the C64 alrea­dy show­ed what a suc­cess­ful com­pu­ter should look like. The ingre­dients for a mil­­li­on-sel­­ler in the Orwel­li­an year were cer­tain­ly no memo­ry of puny 18 KB and a (albeit … Read more

Make water meter smart for 20 euros

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I would like to moni­tor our water con­sump­ti­on, also to be war­ned in time enough in case of leaka­ge. But… our water meter is stu­pid! It does­n’t even have a magnet for a reed relay or a hol­der for a light barrier.

You can buy smart water meters for hund­reds of Euros and have the offi­cial water meter instal­led in the back for hund­reds of Euros again. For­tu­n­a­te­ly, the­re are resource­ful tin­ke­rers and geni­u­ses inte­res­ted in the com­mon good (from my point of view) who have coded some­thing tog­e­ther. So let’s make the water meter smart.

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Cheap trick: renew the headliner


Lese­dau­er 6 Minu­ten The sky is fal­ling on your head? Use con­ta­ct adhe­si­ve rather than a hel­met. In the past, ski­es were stret­ched. That was time-con­­suming and a job for a sadd­ler. Then some thrif­ty guy came up with the idea of making the head­liner out of press­board and just gluing fab­ric on it. Later, some accoun­tant came around … Read more

Android Car Radio Update Precedure

pumpkin autoradio update

Lese­dau­er 11 Minu­ten You want to install an update for Android car radio? No idea how to do that? Here I help you to under­stand the back­ground! MTCB, MCU, Hui­Fei, Image and Pure Android are bohemi­an vil­la­ges for you? But you still want to update your car radio? Gre­at! Then you’­ve come to the right place! CAUTION This gui­de … Read more